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some cool pics by jason powell



The website provides a better image and also a feature that allows you to flip the image to see the later portion of the piece with the correct orientation.

Artist Post #9

The Halcyon hours

the halcyon hours was a finalist in the flash film festival in 2004. In the flash player it shows a window and a bar below it. The bar can be moved back and forth to alter the time and position of the sun on the other side of the window.

This flash finalist obvioulsy had alot of work go into it to be able to change the bar below the window and see a seamless shift in time of day through the window. this is a realivily simple concept though and didnt keep me entertained for very long.

Matthew Mahon

Matthew Mahon is a photographer with a sense of humor, he works in all sorts of photo types varying from portraits to creative ID’s . Matthew Mahon’s work was very interesting and has a ability to grab the perfect shot and unseen aspects of a setting.

Matthew Mahon appears to have a great sense of hummor whihc he allows to shine through into his work. http://www.lighting-essentials.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/matthew-mahon.jpg


“www.shiver.tv” is a interesting flash site, the first time i went to the site i was unaware there was music and found it very dull and a waste of time. but with music the it is much more impactful and intresting.


Artisit Post #8

Bill Viola

Bill Viola works primarily in photograph, but he accents this with the use of his projections of his work or his use of videos. Bill Viola used alot of muted tones with dark backgrounds. one of his main themes appears to be water and how it interacts with the human form.

Bill Viola’s work was very interesting and kept me wanting more. i felt there ware some pieces that i found slightly simplistic. but all and all i found his work to be interesting, I imagine that his work would be much more impactful when seen in a gallery opposed to on an online gallery.

Paul Pfeiffer

Paul Pfeiffer work primarily with photography and subtractive work in which he removes subjects within images and leaves some or no figures remaining to give the image a totally new feel. his work has been show cases on PBS where he received great acclaim for his work.

Paul Pfeiffer’s work is very appealing he seams to work mostly with sports or athletic events this allows him to show people doing amazing feets like jumping feet into the air, but then he removes the reasons for why that person would do that by removing the other players and ball and net. most importantly he leaves the audience, which grants his pieces weight and makes it feel like all these people came to see one man jump into the air.


Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello’s work is audio instillation in which he records typically the fine details of nature such as the sounds emitting from the rain forest or the sound generated from the wings of a butterfly. Stephen records these sounds with high grade interments to maintain there sound quailty and some times slows the sound reel for his audio instillations.

Stephen work is awesome, i found it magical to hear the subtle hints of natures soundtrack that we over look on a day to day bases. I feel that hearing his shows in a gallery would be more influential than the internet.


just click the page to alter the visual representation, and have fun!

Artist post #7

Jeff Baij

Jeff Baij works in a large variety of mediums from digital animations to photographs. His work seems to have no major focus or theme. it is interesting to see the different mediums in which jeff selects to construct a piece. in one piece Jeff constructed a gif titled Krist or Andy, Krist and Andy are both featured in quickly cutting images from one to the other, making it hard to tell which is which.

Jeff’s work does not intrest me too much, i feel that the majority of his works are mindless attempts to capture the audience with a new medium, which he himself has a loose grasp on. i find his work dull and uninspired, but i did find that his sense of humor shined through his works.


Matthew Ritchie

Matthew Ritchie creates massive paintings down to minuscule iron workings. his art work plays with positive and negative space, and does so with great skill. Matthew Ritchie”s metal work play off the same concept of positive and negative space creating some hunting organic forms.

I found Matthew Ritchie’s pieces to be incredible, the attention to detail is mindblowing and the use of light in some of his pieces creates a secondary pieces which is also played up very well. his work appears to flow yet looks like its attention to detail makes you wonder how something like his work could be done. he also does many of his pieces on the floor adding a strange feeling of bringing the view closer to the art.


John Michael Boling

John’s work was primarily done with websites, image alteration and streaming videos. his work is not focused on any one topic and feels like something someone would link you while in a bad chatroom or online forum. in fact some of John Michael Boling’s work does come from compiled forum posts. i found my self wanting something more from his work. its not enough to alter historic images or create a video of you surfing the internet, that doesn’t draw me in to view your art.



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